Single Slit Pushing Elbow


Limited by raw material, large diameter elbow widely used tablet welding way to manufacture, this method for raw materials utilization rate is extremely low, at about 60%, to save resources, reduce cost, our company decided to push the development of large diameter single welding slit intermediate frequency pushing elbow, the successful development of this technology, makes the utilization ratio of raw materials reached more than 80%, and it will be higher if the steel plate surface appropriate. In the process of pushing, welding line on the outer arc side of the elbow(usually in the neutral surface),  elbow after push type made welding line length basically remain unchanged, and through the improvement of pushing mandrel, forming the weld width before the pushing basically remain unchanged, and avoid the shortcoming caused by welding line deformation or performance degradation. This product is identified provincial scientific and technological achievements by Hebei province science and technology agency.



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